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Why to use Slimhot belt

16 Aug 2018 0 comments
Why to use Slimhot belt

Slim hot belt:

We are living in a very busy era in which almost everybody is leading a sedentary lifestyle having no enough time to spare for their grooming. But it is also true that without looking smart we can’t flourish in any kind of competition. Most people of today are leading sedentary lifestyle means that carrying out no physical activity. Hence they are getting more prone to gain weight especially around belly (abdominal region) which turns into belly fat. This stubborn fat often makes your confidence lower and cut you off from your social life. Excess of abdominal fat further causes central obesity which in turn leads to irregular abdominal shapes (pear shape, apple shape etc.) which do not seem good.

Slim Hot Belts:

Slim hot belts are best known for losing weight. They are also known as weight loss belts for your stubborn fat. It is a body wrap belt. It wraps body tightly and can be comfortably worn under your clothes. This slimming belt acts like that if someone has undergone the peak exercises as it causes the fast sweating.

Working of Slim Hot Belt:

The belt should not be that tight so that it can disturb your proper body functions. The belt causes a placebo (A substance containing no medication and prescribed or given to reinforce a patient's expectation to get well). It keeps your core engaged. The tight belt also brings the warm sensation, and increased body temperature will burn the excess calories.

 Need of using Slim Hot Belts:

It’s very important to know about your estimated belly fat, which can be very easily noted by wrapping a measuring tape around your belly region. Measurement above 40inches in men & 35 inches in women is termed as abdominal obesity. In order to vanish it rapidly our company has brought a worth having slim hot belt having a property to reduce the excess fat around abdomen.

Slim Hot Belts made of:

We are providing our customers with hot belts made with world class latex neoprene smart fabric with 12.5’’ in height and cover the whole belly. These slimming belts are made up of durable fabric called neoprene (a synthetic rubber).

Layering: The Hot Belt is made up of two separate layers of fabric. First, an insulating inner layer made from “Neoprene fibers” which raises your core body temperature, causing you to sweating inside. Then, the thicker outer layer absorbs any sweat, ensuring that no moisture will mark up your clothing.

Usage of Slim Hot Belts:

You just have to simply put it on underneath your clothing & wrap it around your abdominal region above your hip bone so it will sweat off the excess fat. It also helps to tighten abdominal muscles and they are very comfortable to wear under your clothing.

 How to get maximum benefit from Slim Hot Belts:

Sweating doesn’t cause weight loss, burning calories does. To do so, you need to raise your heart rate! Something sitting down can’t do even you put on any hot belt. Simply, you have to indulge yourself in some physical activity besides wearing slim hot belts.


 Here are some amazing benefits of using a slimming belt.

  1. Posture Modulator/ Body shaper

Slim hot belts will make you look slimmer and also helps I correcting your posture. Our company offers you a slim hot belt which is made up of a soft but rigid fabric. If you wear a slim hot belt on a regular basis, you will have to sit up straight, and this will correct your posture.


  1. Avoid wastage of time:

Losing weight is not so easy. It usually requires a lot of strength & time to workout in gyms and slimming centers. Also, sweating out in these fitness centers would also disturb your work schedule. Thus, it would be quite difficult for you to lose weight in your daily life. So, we are providing you with an easy alternate to get rid of belly fat by its easy usage & don’t disturbing your schedule anymore.


  1. Back pain reliever

It is also very helpful in reducing your back pain. The slim hot belt will continuously remind you to use the correct posture which in return reduces ache, and it can also produce a warm feeling giving temporary relief from back pain. If you are going through occasional back pains and aches then here is an incredible temporary relief along with losing weight as sweating alone won’t help you lose weight, this weight-loss belt will also absorb the heat.


  1. Beauty enhancer

Every one of us wants to look perfect. Extra pounds can deteriorate one’s beauty like no other. Our customers will find it a miracle by losing their weight with little or no effort .Once you feel yourself in a comfort zone you will certainly start doing your activities in an incredible manner. After that there will be no need of hiding yourself from your fellows to be avoided of being degraded.

  1. Calories burner

Slim Hot Belt is said to be made from neoprene latex fibers that increase your body heat by increasing the overall metabolism of the body. Slim Hot Belt then claims to mold or shape your body. We promise as you sweat, you will lose weight, burning up to 87% more calories. We also ensure that slim hot belt will soak up all the nasty perspiration, so you will look and feel cool even if you are wearing under your shirt while doing your work.

  1. Burn more calories than simple exercise

We guarantee that people who wear body shapers in the form of slim hot belts burn 3-16% more calories , than those who do any exercise  without wearing slim hot belts.

  1. Provides no difficulty in working

The surprising fact about the slimming belt is that you can also carry out some work along with the belt-like reading book, knitting, cleaning, net surfing etc. Being flexible with its usage, you can wear it anytime whenever you feel free either at home or even while going out for shopping under your usual daily clothes.

Further Benefits of Slim Hot Belt:

  • Comfortable & lightweight
  • Available in any desired size
  • Easily useable anywhere at any time
  • Surely burns stubborn fat around belly
  • Reduces waistline
  • Provides shape to the body


Desired Motto of our company behind Slim Hot Belts:

We all want for our customers to stay healthy and fit. For this we designed our website storegreen.ae for online availability of products regarding sweat belt waist trimmer. Slim Hot Belt is also our one of the best product in regard of reducing belly fat to make you feel slimmer & smarter among your fellows. We all hope that you all gain maximum advantage by us. We shall be pleased in providing our customers their desired comfort zones by fulfilling our slogan of “Sweat today Smile Tomorrow”.

For customer convenience:

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