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Slimhot cami women

16 Aug 2018 0 comments
Slimhot cami women

Slim Hot Cami (Women)


About the product:

Slim Hot Cami for women is made of an effective fabric which is latex neoprene which helps in reducing weight and size especially for women concerning their upper and mid-section area of body by generating more sweat to burn off unwanted fats from body to gain a healthy and perfect body shape. It helps in giving a perfect lift up shape.





Our Claim

 The idea behind this product is that sweating excessively will lead to rapid weight loss and help to keep unwanted fat flattened, toned, and burns away. Our claim is to make you sweat more during your workout when worn it which in turn leads to more burning of calories. We assure you that this product is very comfortable that no sweat shows when you wear them, such that you can wear them during any activity.



Working Module:

Slim hot cami  are garments designed to make you sweat more while you wear it so that you can flatten your fat, tone your body, and lose weight.

 Its neoprene latex layer is comprised of three layers which are meant to

  • Promote sweating
  • Absorb the moisture
  • Let your sweat evaporat



Benefits of using Slim Hot Cami

  • Reduces weight
  • Vanishes belly fat
  • Reduces body fat on waist  and upper body surrounding
  • Tightens loose and flabby shape
  • Lifts up breasts for perfect shape
  • Provides an hourglass body shape
  • Straightens posture with back support
  • Removes belly fat beneath breasts

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